Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Are We Heading To A Natural Disaster ?

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Growth, development and technology are some positive words that are in the buzz today. However, have you thought about the underlying impact these words have on our environment. Channing environment (Global Warming) is a threat to human kind.   

Due to over expansion and cutting trees, the environment that was naturally conducive for human habitation is growing to be a threat for the human life. Can we call it as a catastrophe that man is calling on himself? May be yes, and the reason is for such a devastating situation is the greed of man in building more profits and ignoring natural warnings of the environment.

The implications of such actions are widely seen in the world today. We see that our solar system was so designed that it would have the necessary protection for human life on Earth. However, due to pollution and other factors, you will see a steady deterioration of natural resources. The environmental protection is a call that needs to be answered sooner or later. If we keep ignoring the warnings of the natural environment, a time might come where the system might lose balance, leading to a catastrophic end to human life. 

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Global Warming

The natural disasters and calamities are nothing but the imbalance in nature and that is also a leading cause for some new deceases and epidemics. We would witness more such incidents if we do not take care of our natural environment. It is the same natural life that gave us fresh air, water, wonderful life on earth and it is our duty to take care of our environment and protect the interest of our nature.
Growing tress can surely help in building a wonderful ecosystem. Forest has been an excellent source of natural resources from time immemorial and today we do not see forest land in many countries. In countries where forest land was spread wide, is gradually vanishing. This is a major concern and a pressing concern that needs immediate attention. 

We are responsible for our actions and we must protect our environment and eventually bring about a change in the changing environmental conditions, which can prove to be a bad choice eventually.

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